The Four Currencies

The wealthy use their assets to create greater wealth, they work at not squandering what they have accumulated, and they value their time and increase their earning power by building mutually beneficial relationships with others.

The Four Currencies:


1. Time. It is impossible to obtain more time. Most people are willing to trade time for a fixed wage. We are only granted life for a fixed amount of time and no person knows exactly how many days they are granted to live in this life. The wealthy value their time and create income systems to afford them a lifestyle which they design.
2. Money. Most people are willing to settle for a wage. Unless you are a celebrity in the entertainments business, professional sports, a recording artist, etc., it is not very probable that you will become wealthy or have a comfortable retirement from being a salaried employee. It takes consistent discipline to accumulate enough assets that will last long enough; investing early and often as well as legally avoiding having your assets syphoned away by income taxes.
3. Knowledge. Specific, specialized knowledge is required to be successful. We add value to others by our activities as an employee and or in business. Specialized knowledge is the foundation, the spring board which put us in a position to achieve success. Low level employees don’t invest in themselves. The wealthy and world class individuals understand that continued leaning and self-mastery is a must! The application of specialized knowledge is the basis of competence.
4. Relationships. There are very few rich hermits. Successful individuals learn to network, build personal relationships with others from their family to a support system of friends, colleagues and business contacts to enhance their personal and professional development. Creating or joining a Mastermind group and other professional networking groups are very effective methods to learn from other successful people as well as to increase sales and profits for your business through referrals.

Action steps:
1. Create a Vision for yourself.
2. Write a plan of action, prioritize.
3. Live the plan as if you have become your vision.
4. Find mentors.
5. Act in the present moment.

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